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Exploring Public Procurement: A Comprehensive Resource Hub

Dive into the world of public procurement with our comprehensive resource hub. Discover a curated list of articles that cover various aspects of public procurement, from regulations and best practices to case studies and innovative approaches. Explore the following articles to gain valuable insights into this crucial topic.

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Discover Build the Americas: The app to find public tender opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean

Build The Americas is a unique space where infrastructure companies have the opportunity to access firsthand information about public works in Latin America and the Caribbean and connect with companies in the region to develop infrastructure projects


How to identify and take advantage of new opportunities for your business?

In this article we tell you how to recognize and capitalize on business opportunities, effectively driving your company's growth and innovation.


Learn about this success story in the infrastructure industry

Martín Turcatti made a deal with a Brazilian company after participating in Trade Americas. His company, Turcatti Structural Engineering & BIM Consulting, will help Abramar to build low-impact construction projects in Uruguay.


Infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean: Quality or Quantity?

A report by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) suggests that although the amount of money invested in infrastructure is very important, the quality of the services that this infrastructure provides is even more so.


Transparency and Gender: The Impact of Electronic Purchases on Women-Led SMEs' Access to Public Tenders

In recent years, digital government initiatives in public procurement have become increasingly popular among policymakers, due to the efficiencies and transparency gains they bring about. However, these initiatives can also have indirect effects on other variables. This document provides evidence on the impact of the electronic procurement platform COMPR.AR on the participation of women entrepreneurs in public tenders in Argentina. The results show that, depending on the estimation model used, the COMPR.AR platform increased the probability of a contract being awarded to a woman-led company by 2.48% to 4.22%. This study contributes to the specialized literature by providing causal evidence of how digital government reforms can have a significant effect in promoting women's participation in public procurement.


How can state purchasing power foster innovation?

Bringing innovation into public procurement is an essential measure to enhance public administration and improve the quality of life for the population. Innovation leads to greater efficiency in public purchasing, enables access to higher-quality products and services, and generates savings for public finances by optimizing resources and reducing unnecessary expenses. Brazil serves as an exemplary case for the region, with flexible public procurement instruments based on innovation.


Beyond Bidding: The Challenge of the Last Mile in Public Procurement

For a marathon runner, the last mile is the toughest. For businesinteses, it's the costliest. With that in mind, the private sector is continually exploring ways to reach consumers in the shortest time and at the lowest cost, from labels that allow real-time package tracking to drone deliveries. However, serving the last mile still costs businesses twice as much as other links in the logistics chain.


Woman-Owned Business Seal: An Effective Tool for Promoting Women's Participation in Public Procurement

Public procurement represents around 13-20% of the global GDP, making it a potentially powerful tool through which governments can promote gender equality.

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