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Global News Matters is a dynamic business resource and information outlet specializing in comprehensive regional research and market analysis. Our team of professionals provides cross-industry insight, with expertise ranging from Financial Services to Tourism, Manufacturing, Public Utilities, Shipping and Oil & Gas. In an age of instant information, we make over 36,000 contacts per year, saving you much of the legwork that goes into staying on top of the political, economic and industrial developments that impact you and your business.



  • One Time Reports: Purchase our exclusive reports individually, without a membership, depending on the client’s current needs. 
  • Memberships: Insight into the developments, framework, risks and opportunities that move regional industries and markets. 
  • Private Label Distribution: Allow customers to use research and reports we create for external distribution.
  • Consultancy Services: Providing clients with access to periodic updates, reviews and presentations, all tailored to suit your individual needs.


Also visit the Global News Matter Library for more information.

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