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Cullen International

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Fundado em 1986

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Regulation made simple Cullen International tracks, analyses and benchmarks regulation in four sectors – telecommunications, media, digital economy and postal – covering developments across Europe, Americas, the Middle East and North Africa. Our cross-sectoral Competition Law service complements our regulatory expertise, following cases at EU and national levels. For over 30 years we have been providing comprehensive, neutral, unbiased, timely information that is trusted by industry and official institutions alike. We are widely recognised as the leading regulatory intelligence provider in the field. We provide what you need to know about regulation and case law in a clear, straightforward and concise manner. Our services consist of a unique range of alerts, reports, benchmarks and enquiry services, that are complemented by our training portfolio. Our outstanding database contains over 25 years of source documents linked to expert analysis. We are also regularly selected to carry out important research and studies for the European Commission and other organisations, and we are frequently sought out to chair or make presentations at industry events. Our clients Cullen International is privileged to serve over 200 key market players and public organisations from over 70 countries – all with a serious strategic focus on telecommunications, media, digital economy or postal regulation. Clients include telecom operators, online service providers, broadcasters, postal operators, equipment vendors, regulators, competition authorities and government ministries. We are the eyes and ears for our clients, maintaining essential close links with all EU institutions through our strategically situated base in Brussels, and with national regulatory authorities through our solid network of national regulatory experts in over 50 countries.

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Bélgica, Argentina, Colômbia, Brasil, Jordânia, Itália, Reino Unido, Armênia, Croácia, República Checa

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