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Coréia do Sul
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Fundado em 2013

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Pushpull System Co., Ltd is professional smart door lock manufacturer in South Korea. Company produces its products under BABA lock brand. Being established in 2013, Company operates its local business activities in Daejeon and Sejong city of South Korea. Company Headquarters is located in ETRI (Electronics and Technology Research Institute) which is the main research hub in South Korea where all Korean top companies conduct their research activities. Pushpull System develops smart door locks based on its following core objectives:1- Safety: BABA smart door locks are equipped with fire alarm, intrusion alarm , antibiotic coating material, anti-shake technology, electric shock prevention function2- Functionality- BABA smart door locks have many functions including mobile app compatibility, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, master card and password, one-time password, low battery alarm, double lock, random password function, voice announcement, sound control and other functions3- Reliability- BABA smart door locks are manufacturer with KC quality certificate which is confirmed by Korean Government and in 2020 Company is recognized as K Brand which makes it the first and only Korean smart lock developer to get this award. Company has gained a huge portfolio of patents globally across 51 countries of the worldDuring its global expansions, Pushpull System has gained a number of awards including Pittsburgh invention, technology around gold medal, Russia International Science and Technology Council Prize, Polish Inventors Association Prize, Malaysia International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition Gold Medal, Geneva International Inventions former Gold, etc. attracted great interest of the industry wherever these prototypes are accepted.
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Vietnã, Austrália, Malásia

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lock, smart lock, digital door lock, access system


ISO 9001, ISO14001

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