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Every businessman must make use of the opportunities available to connect with his colleagues, and to learn about his business environment. The Liman businessmen, in particular, should pay attention to the activities organized by the Lima Chamber of Commerce:

  • International Trade Fairs. The LCC organizes, develops, and follows-up on the performance of Peruvian business delegations in specialized trade fairs in order to promote their products and services. Participating in international trade fairs will allow companies to: promote their products and services, contact important and relevant buyers and suppliers, learn about their competitors’ products, and learn about market trends, new distribution channels and target markets, among others.
  • Trade Missions. The LCC organizes, articulates and follows-up on the performance of business delegations attending specialized trade or technological missions in order to be informed of target markets, promote their products and/or services and to perform benchmarking on aspects of interest. With over 10 years of experience organizing trade missions, the LCC has achieved high satisfaction indicators and business deals beyond the initial forecast.
  • Business Roundtables. The LCC arranges business meetings between national and foreign companies in order to achieve import/export deals. The LCC is the only institution certified by ISO 9001 to organize International Business Roundtables.

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